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Subject: Cole: Chapter FourThis story contains descriptions of sexual acts between a boy of eighteen
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Chapter Four
————It was the next day and I was walking towards Cole’s house once more. Again
it was a beautiful day, high in the mid-seventies and just the right
temperature for swimming. The morning and early afternoon seemed to drag
on, my classes taking forever to finish.At lunch I finally fessed up to being in the Bobcat Buddies program. I told
them I signed up on Monday though instead of at the Club Fair on
Sunday. That would’ve been weird because after that I acted like nothing
was up. Max and his friends were actually really supportive of it, saying
it was an awesome thing to do and they wish they had the will or time to do
something so selfless.While reveling in their praise, I knew the move wasn’t selfless. I wanted a
little brother. And I got one. He just happened to be very hot as well. But
that was okay. I had come to peace with that.Denying to myself as gay until my senior year, I passed off finding other
males attractive as a stage. According to the internet, a lot of boys go
through a similar period. Mine just happened to never go away. My thoughts
about boys, whether they be my age or younger, were pushed to the back of
my mind and ignored.When I finally accepted that I liked boys, a whole new world opened up. I
fantasized about them daily, and my grades dropped as a result. Oops. As
for younger boys, yes I had a few romantic thoughts about my friend’s
brothers but I kinda pushed those away. A “new gay” must find everything
exciting, I thought. But at the back of my mind there was always this
knowledge that I liked them.Once Cole come along, BAM, there was no avoiding it. Before when I saw my
friend’s brothers, my friends were always around. Not much of a chance to
interact or admire their beauty. With Cole… it was just me and him. I got
to hold his hand, give him hugs, and flat out admire him. It made me have
to accept who I was. While I might like younger boys, I wasn’t going to
pursue anything with them. That just spelled trouble and I had too good of
life to give that up.Reaching Cole’s house, I felt much more comfortable than this time
yesterday. I knocked on his door and sure enough that same pitter Lolita Links patter of
feet greeting me. The door opened up and there was Cole, cute as could be.”Hey dude,” I said grinning.”Hey Jason!” he said, flinging himself into my arms. I stumbled back a bit
not expecting that but was able to stay standing up and hug him back. He
was precious; so warm and soft.”How was school?” I asked as we finally left each other’s grasp and entered
the house.”Okay,” Cole responded. “Boring and long.”"Same with me,” I said. It was especially so when I had an afternoon date
with Cole to look forward to.”So should I change here or at the pool?” Cole asked.”At the pool,” I said. “You don’t have to have to walk home in a wet suit.”"True,” he said. “I’m going to go grab my suit then.”"Alright,” I said.Cole returned with his suit and a towel, smiling as usual. His hair was all
rustled up and every adorable, his green eyes bright and energetic. He was
wearing shorts and I would get to admire those legs all afternoon. Couldn’t
wait for the shirt to come off either.I offered to put his stuff in my backpack and he agreed. So off we went,
happily walking along, holding hands and enjoying the warm weather.”So how do you like the University?” Cole asked.”Love it,” I said. “It’s great, much better than high school.”"Cool,” he said. “You got lots of friends there?”"A few,” I said. “I’m like you, just moved here. It’s hard at first.”"Yeah,” he agreed. “You got a girlfriend or anything?”"Uhhhh, Lolita Links nope,” I said. Didn’t quite know how Cole would react to me telling
him I’m gay, and besides, who knows what the Bobcat Buddies program would
think of that.”Not even at home?” he asked.”Nope,” I said, giving him a grin. Things were so much easier at his age.”Me neither,” he said rather triumphantly, which was odd for a kid that
age. Most of the time they were hornier than hell and looking for
girls. Who knows, maybe Cole was gay. Hah, yeah; in my wildest fantasies.We continued to chit chat along the way to the pool, a ten minute walk or
so. Cole told me about being on a soccer team this fall and I promised to
come watch one of his games. Twenty two twelve year olds running around in
short shorts? Count me in.Cole was very talkative once he opened up and I could tell he really liked
me. When I signed up for Bobcat Buddies a couple days ago what was
happening right now was beyond my wildest dreams. Cole was like an angel
sent from Heaven, my prayers answered.Finally we reached the pool and saw that we had missed the beginning of the
swim session. It began at three and ended at five. Oh well, we’d still have
plenty of time and it’s not like we’d be wasting any money.”Hello,” I said, handing the woman my Bobcat Buddies card.”How are you today… Jason?” she asked, reading my name off the card.”Good,” I replied. “Ready for a swim.”"I’m jealous,” she grinned, handing me back the card. “You two have fun.”"We will,” Cole assured her as we entered the locker room. It was empty, as
most the swimmers arrived earlier and had already changed.I don’t quite know how to go forward with this whole dressing thing. I know
I probably shouldn’t get naked in front of him, if word of that reached
Bobcat Buddies headquarters they’d probably flip shit. Even if I was in a
dressing room.”Well go change wherever and I’ll meet you at the door?” I said, pretty
happy with my casual suggestion.”Can’t I Lolita Links just change with you?” Cole responded, hypnotizing me with his
eyes. “We’re both guys, we know what’s down there.”"In that case, whatever. Just didn’t want you to be uncomfortable,” I said,
grinning and tussling his hair. I can’t believe he just said that. My
beautiful boy, Cole, sounding so open about his body. Maybe he’d give me a
glance of his package.We settled down at a locker and began to take our shoes and socks
off. After placing them in the locker I began the old changing room trick.You know back in elementary school when you had to learn how to swim? All
the boys would leave their shirt on and take off their pants and
undies. Then slip their swimming suit on, so that way you never quite were
able to see what they were all about. I would be deploying that maneuver so
I wouldn’t be scaring Cole away.Slipping off my pants, I glanced over at Cole, standing right next to
me. He slipped his shirt off first. Holy shit, I was going to see it. I was
also going to pop a woody. I quickly took my boxers off and put my swimsuit
on. By this time Cole had neatly folded his shirt in his locker and began
to take his shorts off. His plaid boxers were revealed and my heart skipped
a beat once more. God was he cute. I could see his nickel-sized nipples,
supple and erect. Overall he was of normal weight but had a little bit of
pudge on him, enough to make him ever so soft and smooth.I pretended to fiddle with pinning my locker key on my suit and he slowly
slid off his boxers. I finally got to see Cole Jr. and damn was Lolita Links he hot. His
dick rested softly upon his nutsack, probably about an inch while soft. He
was circumcised, not a given any more in the United States, but still
common. His balls looked to be the size of decent sized grapes, and I could
tell his package had certainly begun its growth into adolescence. He looked
to be completely hairless but you never know with a blonde boy.Cole’s suit slipped quickly over his balls and my mind snapped back to
reality. I was stuck there holding a pin in my pants, completely
still. Finally I fastened it into place and Cole did the same thing. He
looked up at me and gave me a big grin. I smiled back and we headed towards
the pool. My semi-hard on was tucked neatly down my right leg of the swim
suit. God he was cute.In a state of pure joy as my wish had come true, Cole and I entered the
madness of a public pool. Dozens of kids and their parents spotted its
edges and splashed in its water. Beach balls flew around the water, random
kids keeping the ball in play and parents tossing it back if it managed to
bounce away. A group of five or six boys were busy pelting each other with
foam noodles in the corner of the shallow end. Kid after kid leaped from
the diving board and did a cannon ball, some of the parents also getting
involved.Cole turned to me and asked what I was waiting for.”Nothing,” I grinned, grabbing him by the shoulders and acting like I was
going to throw him into the pool. I purposely loosened my grip and allowed
him to push me in, thankfully it was the deep end and nobody was around. I
totally overplayed my shock and horror at the reversal of fortunes, coming
up to see Cole giggling on the side.”Got you,” he beamed.”You’re going to pay,” I laughed, lunging for his ankles. He avoided my
grasp and jumped over me into the pool, plugging his noise with one
hand. How adorable.His little blonde head popped out of the water, his legs frantically kicked
to keep him afloat while he wiped Lolita Links the water away from his eyes with one
hand. Finally he opened them and grinned at me.”I haven’t been to a pool in a long time,” he said. “Probably since before
I moved with my friend Chase.”"Was he your best friend?” I asked, moving to grab onto the side wall.”Yeah,” he said sadly, also joining me along the edge. “We were really
tight.”"That’s cool,” I said. “I had to Lolita Links leave some really good friends to come
here though. Part of life I guess… but I’ll make new ones.”"Like me,” Cole grinned.”Like you,” I responded, smiling at him and messing his hair up. I couldn’t
believe he felt that way about me. I just wasn’t some older kid he hung out
with, I was a legitimate friend. Thing is, I felt the same way about
him. This just wasn’t Lolita Links some kid I was hanging out with for charity; Cole was
an honest to God friend.”Bet I can make a bigger splash than you,” Cole challenged, starting to
race up the deep end ladder. I was right behind him and got a good look at
his ass as we climbed out. It was so soft and supple, a “bubble butt” if
there ever was one. I could’ve sworn he paused an extra second on the
ladder, but it was probably just my horny mind imagining things.”You know I’ve got like sixty pounds on you,” I said once reaching the top,
getting in line behind Cole for the diving board. I weighed about 160
pounds or so, and I’m guessing Cole just topped the century mark. He was
probably about five foot two, while I had about eight inches on that. I
wasn’t incredibly tall or anything, just average. Cole seemed to be about
average for his age as well. Not in the looks department of course.Cole flew off the diving board and tucked his legs to his body with his
left hand. His right hand was busy plugging his nose as he went under,
something I found very adorable. When he came up, he struggled once more to
clear his eyes well before opening them.”Big,” I said, extending my arms to show him how massive of a splash he
made. It wasn’t all that big in reality, but that didn’t matter. The grin I
got from him was the cutest ever and made me whole body tingle.I followed suit, plunging into the water with a giant splash. Apparently I
forgot to breathe out or something, because my nose filled with water. I
came up coughing but recovered in a few seconds. Maybe this was why Cole
plugged his nose.”Big,” Lolita Links
Cole said, grinning. I rejoined him on the edge of the pool near the
ladder.”I’m sure yours was bigger,” I said, then not trying to be so obvious in my
admiration, “for your size at least.”"What now?” Cole asked, glancing around the pool. I guess being at the pool
was a lot easier when you were younger… you could make up stupid games to
occupy your time for hours.”Hmmm let’s see,” I thought, punching a beach ball that was coming for
me. I then remembered something my dad used to do with me in the pool
during family vacations.”You look like you have an idea,” Cole said, staring intently at me.”I do,” I said. “It’s called “Dolphin Ride.” Basically you sit on my back
and grab my shoulders with your hands. I then swim around and take you on a
ride. And sometimes I’ll dive way down under water and you’ll come with
me. My dad always used to play this with me.”"Sounds awesome,” Cole beamed.”Okay, latch onto my back then,” I instructed, turning to face the wall
while Cole mounted me. I Lolita Links was hoping to get a feel of his package smashed
against my back, from the looks of things in the locker room it was
substantial enough that I just might. He got into position and grabbed my
shoulders tightly. I couldn’t feel anything distinctive on my back yet, but
he would probably cling closer once we got moving.”I’m ready,” Cole told me. “Make it scary.”"I’ll try,” I said, letting go of the wall and starting to swim. It was a
lot harder to do with him attached to me but I was still able to get where
I wanted. “I’m going to start slow so we can get used to…”…and like that I plunged down into the water, feeling Cole’s grip on my
shoulders tighten along the way. I couldn’t open my eyes because of my
contacts but I could tell I get a good six feet down or so before I
resurfaced.”Awesome!” Cole exclaimed once we surfaced again. His body was pressed hard
against mine and I was pretty sure I could feel his package against my
back. When he shifted slightly to get more comfortable I could tell for
sure it was his genitals. I now had popped a raging boner but it really
didn’t matter because of the water.”We’ve only just begun,” I said, swimming towards the swallow end flooded
with people. I weaved in and out of them, Cole Lolita Links
still attached to my back
and loving every minute of it. He couldn’t stop giggling and it sent
vibrations down my back that felt great.I went back into the deep and started bobbing up and down, teasing Cole
about taking a dive under water. He was shrieking and still loving every
minute of the ride, some five minutes old now. I was getting exhausted but
I didn’t want to stop because Cole was loving it so much. I took another
plunge under water, hearing Cole yell as we dove down into the water. I
went as far as I could before surfacing, gasping for breath.”Dude that was so deep!” Cole exclaimed.”We’re hitting some turbulent waters,” I exclaimed in a captain’s like
voice, bobbing up and down more vertically this time. I could feel Cole’s
smooth body sliding up and down my back as I did so. All of a sudden I
could feel something rigid rubbing up and down my back. Confused at first,
I realized that Cole had popped a woodie from the motions and it was
pressing against my back.I was immediately turned on, and my boner popped up again. From what I
could tell Cole had a decent sized erection too. He didn’t seem to be
taking and heed to the situation, allowing his hardened cock to roll and
rub up against my back as I continued to bob. Finally I quit and then down
back down into the water, wanting Cole to clutch closer to me once more. I
thought he’d bail, not wanting to press his boner into my back, but sure
enough he followed me, hugging tight. His erection pressed hard against my
back and it was so painfully obvious I was surprised he didn’t seem to
mind. It probably felt really good for him and he just thought I probably
couldn’t feel it or something.Unless he wanted me to feel it? Nah, that’s stupid. He’s a twelve year old
kid Jason, I told myself. He’s just so innocent and oblivious to the
workings of his body. This situation, although hot, could only end up badly
so I announced the ride was over.”Awwww man,” Cole whined, peeling himself from my back. I could tell he
still had a huge boner and I felt myself really longing to see it. I saw
him Lolita Links soft, now I wanted to see him hard.”Let’s see who can jump the furthest from the diving board,” I suggested,
starting to make my way towards the ladder.”Not right now,” Cole replied softly.”Why not?” I asked.”You don’t need to pretend,” Cole said.”About what?” “I popped a big boner on your back.”Okay, maybe he wasn’t so innocent.”Oh that,” I said, acting like it was no big deal. “I’m pretty sure kids
your age Lolita Links
do that all the time. I used to pop random boners all the time too
dude. Don’t worry, its part of growing up. I don’t care.”"I know,” he grinned. “Thanks.”"No problem dude,” I said, giving him a hug and making sure not to get our
crotches close together. I felt guilty about asking him to jumping contest,
which was an obvious ploy to get him out of the pool. That way I could see
his boner, covered by a swimsuit of course, but it would still be hot.This is what I had worried about, starting to manipulate Cole to satisfy my
attraction to him. I couldn’t allow this to happen and this incident was a
clear depiction of why. Next thing I’d be groping him and trying to get his
pants off. And then, the police would come knocking at my dorm room the
next day and take me away for God knows how long. I couldn’t allow this to
happen.Just stay cool Jason, think un-sexy thoughts. Like that fat, hairy man over
there. Damn he was disgusting.”Something wrong?” Cole asked and I realized I had been spacing out for a
good minute.”Oh nothing,” I said. “Just felt bad for putting you in an awkward
situation.”"If there weren’t so many people here, I wouldn’t have minded,” Cole said
mysteriously before diving under water and swimming away. The little devil,
just what did that mean? He’d show me his boner? That’d be hot.The rest of the time we spent in the pool jumping off the diving board,
hitting each other with those foam noodles, and just general horseplay. I
was having the time of my life with my new best friend, even if he was only
twelve years old. He honestly felt like a brother to me, even though I had
known him only a few days. We had really hit it off and I was so happy just
to be in his presence. He continuously had smile on his face that radiated
joy to anyone within eyesight of him.I was constantly admiring his body, glistening in the sun and wet from the
pool. Cole was well toned and had just the littlest bit of pudge everywhere
on his body, giving him an overall softness and lovability. I sure would
like to snuggle with him. Maybe we would sometime… I don’t think that’d
be too inappropriate given our level of friendship. His mom might think
it’s weird though. Well, whatever happens, happens. Just don’t push
anything Jason. Things are perfect right now.It was about four forty five and Cole and I had just fought over control of
an orange foam noodle (I let him have it). A few people began leaving the
pool as the session was nearing an end. I knew most people would stay until
they blew the whistle and forced them out, but Cole and I could beat the
rush in the locker room if we left now.”Wanna go?” I asked him, grabbing the noodle and bopping him playfully Lolita Links
the head with it.”Yeah,” he responded, grabbing a Lolita Links blue noodle that floated by and whacking
me with it. I overplayed my reaction, acting like it Lolita Links really hurt and
causing Cole to go into another adorable fit of laughter.”Avoid the locker room rush,” I said out loud as we exited the pool. Maybe
get to see Cole Jr. again too.However, as we entered the locker room I began to fret about
showering. What if Cole got naked again? I would probably pop a woodie
right in front of him. Then what? He’d get all grossed out that I found him
hot and probably tell his mom. Maybe not though. Cole seemed cool about
such things; he’d probably laugh a little and make a joke or
two. Whatever. There was nothing illegal about seeing him naked or popping
a boner over it, so no worries.As we entered the shower area, I realized it was much different than I was
used to. Most public pools had a shower room, with about a dozen or so
showerheads connected to the wall. It was all open, all public, a quick in
and out sort of deal. This pool however had separate, toilet style
stalls. There were about four that lined each side of the room. A few were
occupied with people who had left early like us.This made things easier though, as I didn’t have to worry about popping one
in front of Cole. We’d each have our own semi-private stall (they were only
about six feet tall and had a Lolita Links
large foot and a half gap or so at the
bottom).I walked towards a free stall and started in. To my surprise Cole followed
me in. The shower had a little bench to put your clothes (I guess if you
wanted to change in there) protected by a wall and then a rather spacious
showering area.”Don’t you want your own stall?” I asked Cole, who looked somewhat saddened
by my rejection. Not that I didn’t want him with me, it was just the fear
of being caught in my attraction to him.”What’s wrong with sharing the shower?” he sulked. “We’re friends right?”My heart swelled at the question. Yes, we were! Apparently so good of
friends that he wanted to take a shower with me. I still had to provide a
little bit of resistance so I didn’t look so eager. He could probably tell
I was by my face though.”We’re good friends little buddy,” I responded, trying to carefully craft a
comeback. “I’d have no problem with it if it was just us. But it’s a public
restroom and people might see and think its weird or something.”"Who cares?” he replied. “We both have blonde hair, sort of look
alike… we could be brothers for all they care. What business is it of
theirs anyway?”He was one hundred percent right. Who cared? Fuck `em.”Alright Cole, you win,” I grinned. “How could I resist your cute little
face?”"Impossible,” he beamed.I shut the door on the stall and walked towards the facet. I’m sure we’d
just shower in our bathing suits; it was only going to be a quickie to get
the chlorine off of us. Turning the shower facet on, warm water began
streaming into the stall. I tested its temperature, which was warm but not
hot.”How warm do you like the shower?” I said, turning to ask Cole.What do you know, the kid had stripped naked. He had just finished laying
his suit on the little bench when I asked him. He turned towards me and I
saw his penis again, soft and looking over so cute.”I dunno,” he Lolita Links responded, “just not too hot.”"Okay,” I Lolita Links said, finally ungluing my eyes from his crotch. I probably
should’ve looked at his face once during that exchange, but I was so
mesmerized by his package that I forgot too. Hopefully he didn’t think
something was Lolita Links up.I began to shower off, Cole standing next to me waiting his turn. I dare
not look at him, as I already had a semi hard on just at the knowledge he
was naked next to me. Damn was he hot, from his blonde hair to his blue
eyes, to his well toned yet supple body, to his irresistible bubble butt,
to his cute feet and smooth legs, to his unbelievably hot package that fit
his adolescent body perfectly. He drove me crazy.”You can take your suit off if you want,” Cole offered, gently biting one
of his nails as he waited.”That’s okay,” I said, not wanting to expose my excitement anyways. “I
don’t think Bobcat Buddies would like the idea of that.”"Dude, I’m not gonna tell,” Cole replied. Did he want to see me naked?”I know,” I said, finally gaining the courage to look at him again. “But I
shouldn’t just incase someone recognizes me or something.”"That’s cool man,” Cole said, flashing me another smile.My eyes slowly worked their way down his body as the shower rinsed my back
off. His pink, nickel sized nipples were erect one more, leading the eye to
his cute stomach and innie belly button. I could tell there was a little
bit of pudge on there but I wouldn’t call him soft, as you could see some
definition in his abs. That led to the prize, his perfect package that made
my mind spin. His balls hung loosely Lolita Links his sack, and although I could tell
they had begun to grow, they were nowhere near full size.From what I could tell he was completely hairless, but like I said, it was
hard to tell because he was blonde. I knew from experience that I had pubes
that were basically invisible for about a year. My eyes then wandered to
his beautiful thighs, smooth and pudgy and leading the eye perfectly to his
package. His package that was starting to get erect.Oh shit. He was getting a boner. Within a few seconds he was completely
erect, his penis slanting slightly towards his belly. I guessed his cut
dick to be about four inches hard, certainly decent sized for his age. It
wasn’t nearly as fat as my own, but I wouldn’t expect that from him. He was
only twelve… twelve and extremely hot.I realized I was staring too long so I moved my eyes back up to his
face. He was looking at me and smiling. He didn’t seem to care that he just
popped a woodie in front of me. My own dick was now hard as a rock and I
became very uncomfortable.”Sorry,” Cole said. “Like you said, it just happens.”"That’s okay little buddy,” I said, trying to keep my cool. I needed to get
out of there. “I’m going to go get changed, make sure to wash off good
okay?”"Alright,” Cole said, losing his smile. “I’m really sorry if I made you
uncomfortable Jason. I just don’t really care about being naked like most
people.”"No problem,” I said, starting my exit. “I wouldn’t mind this at all if we
were at your house. I just don’t like… locker rooms.”"Okay,” he replied, a grin forming. Uh oh, what did I just set up? And man
was I stupid… locker rooms? Gah.”See you in the lobby probably,” I said, taking one more glance at Cole’s
hot, naked body. God how I wanted him.”Okay,” he replied, his dick now becoming soft once more. I just wanted to
reach out there and fondle it, but I knew that would never happen. I had to
keep my head about me and make sure I didn’t too anything stupid.”By the way, cute dick,” I said before shutting the stall door and walking
away. Shit. Why did I say that? Stupid, Jason, stupid. I just blurted it
out without thinking.”Thanks,” I hear Cole yell back.I quickly got changed and walked out of the locker room. My mind was racing
with the events of the day. I saw Cole naked a bunch, got to see his boner,
got to have it Lolita Links
pressed up against my back. Found out that he was extremely
open about his body and wouldn’t have minded if I showered naked with
him. I wonder if he knew the torment he was putting me through. I mean, he
had to realize me staring at him, getting a hard on over it. Complimenting
him on his dick as I left. Saying that I wouldn’t have minded a naked
shower with him if it was at his house. The whole not liking locker rooms
line… it was a disaster. Luckily Cole was a cool kid and I trusted him
not to tell even if he figured things out.Before you knew it, Cole bounded out Lolita Links
of the locker room, his still wet hair
a mess on top of his head. He was smiling as much as ever, sending me from
my state of depression to a state of euphoria once more. Cole had that
effect on me, it was impossible to be sad when he was around.”Ready?” I asked him, extending my hand.”Yup,” he replied, grabbing it as we skipped out of the lobby and back onto
the sidewalk. Any worries I had were put to the side for now. I could fret
over them later. For now I had to Cole entertain.”So did you have fun?” I asked him.”A lot,” he said, turning to grin at me. “Thanks for taking me.”"No problem,” I said. “Being with you is a lot more fun than anything I’ve
done so far at school.”"Sweet,” he grinned. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”"Nope,” I said. “I’m the only child.”"Like me,” he grinned.”Like you,” I said, hugging him close to my hip. He wrapped his other arm
around me and we ground to a halt in a big hug.”From now on, you’re my big brother,” he said, finally letting his grip go.Did he honestly just say that?”Sounds good to me,” I said, trying not to get emotional. “And you’re my
little brother.”"Yay,” he grinned. “So when are we gonna see each other again?”"Well, I have a Lolita Links
class at three tomorrow,” I said, thinking. “Thursday
probably. I’m out at two again.”"That’s like two days,” Cole whined.”Sorry,” I said, ruffling his hair as we waited at a crosswalk. “I can see
you every day of the week except Wednesday probably. We can do stuff on
weekends too.”"Sweet,” Cole said, his face lighting up again. It didn’t take much.”What do you want to do?” I asked. “Mini golf, another movie, show you
around campus…”"Can we just stay at my house and hang out?” he asked. “Kick your ass in
some video games, show you my computer, stuff like that?”"That’d work too,” I said, smiling. That would be a lot more one-on-one
time, but very fun. The Bobcat Buddies guidebook even said you should just
hang out with them at home sometimes, to make sure that you were their
friend and not somebody who just took them to places for free.”Sweet,” Cole said.We walked the last block in silence, holding each others hand and just
enjoying what a beautiful day it was. Once we reached the house he whipped
out his house key and opened the door. It was still a good forty minutes or
so until his mom came Lolita Links home, but unfortunately I had to head back to campus.”Aren’t you coming in?” Cole asked, starting to pout again.”I got dinner with the guys at six and I have to do my hair and stuff after
the pool,” I responded honestly. I wish I could stay with him, but the day
at the pool was more than enough.”Alright,” he sighed. “So I’ll see you Thursday at three to hang out?”"It’s a date,” I grinned.His face lit up and he wrapped me up in a big hug. He was so warm and soft;
I was in heaven for those few seconds in which we embraced.”I love you Jason,” he whispered, giving me a kiss on the cheek. That was
unexpected.”Love you too Cole,” I said, watching him give me a final grin and then
disappear behind the door.I can’t believe he just kissed me. Lolita Links
Told me he loved me. What a day.It almost seemed too perfect. What if the Bobcat Buddy folks knew I was a
boy hungry eighteen year old? Did they set me up with Cole on purpose? Was
he some sort of trap? Was he getting naked and flashing his stuff on
purpose?Nope, it couldn’t be. Cole was genuine and I was going crazy with my
conspiracy theories. I was just so confused with what was happening with
Cole. I loved the little guy. I thought he was hot as hell. I wanted to
suck his little four inch erection. I wanted to snuggle with his smooth,
naked body. I wanted to slowly, gently fuck his hot ass.That’s what scared me. If Cole presented himself, what would I do? He
already basically did so, and kept saying cryptic things that led me to
believe he wasn’t so innocent. What if he really did want to do something
sexual with me? Would I allow him to do it? I kept telling myself I
wouldn’t, but I know I probably would. At first, I was scared Cole would
tell his mom if I just looked at him Lolita Links
funny. Now I felt like I could trust
the kid.Come on Jason, you’re crazy. This kid didn’t want to do anything of these
sorts of things. He was only twelve right? He didn’t even Lolita Links know this stuff
existed. Right?—
Be on the lookout for the fifth chapter… can Jason survive an afternoon
alone with Cole?If you like Lolita Links the story, please send me an e-mail at: jnew001(at)gmail.com
Comments, suggestions, questions are welcome!
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